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A mother of a seven-year-old came to our office in November for help. She had been kidnapped by her estranged ex-boyfriend and beaten in the car and left in an abandoned lot in Terrell. She made her way to a phone and called the police. Charges were pressed on her offender and she was referred to Healing Hearts Ministry for assistance in getting a Protective Order, Crime Victim’s Compensation Assistance, etc. The client has completed all necessary paperwork and has a court hearing to obtain the final protective order. Staff has processed all documentation and the client is being assisted through the Crime Victim’s Compensation Fund, group meetings and safety plan. Healing Hearts is also assisting this client with Christmas this year.



Susan is an 89-year-old woman, who is able to live on her own in an apartment at Terrell Senior Terrance. She has a bright and cheerful personality and enjoys being around other seniors that meet that the Terrell Senior Center. Because of t his friendship with others she has been able to stay relatively active both physically and mentally, although she does have problems making decisions. Mental health assistance has been provided to her by ADAPT in Kaufman Texas. Physically she is able to walk fairly well but not very quickly. That said, she does a lot better than those that are a lot younger. The Center promotes physical activity daily is provided to her by sitting and walking exercise classed held at the Senior Center. She also enjoys board games and bingo sessions that provide some mental stimulation that cannot take place if she were at home by herself. Because she can’t drive, she manages to get to the center and other places from her apartment using Star Transit (formally KART). Susan can usually be found at the center to take part in the noon meals and other scheduled events. She is well respected and welcomed lady at the Center for over ten years.

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